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Just for today "I Will Honor my Neighbor"

This month's principle is:

"Honor your Teachers, Parents, and Elders and Be kind to thy Neighbors".

Reiki is the energy of unconditional love. We know that we all come from the same source and that there are only different expressions of forms and levels of energy vibration. Any positive energy directed to ourselves or others helps to heal. In a way, we are all teachers and students of one another as we grow up. We share experiences with each other ... we learn, we love, and we support each other. This principle is about letting every situation in life teach you something.

A great Sufi mystic, Hasan, was dying. One of his disciples asked him who his Master was.  "I had many" said Hasan, "my Master was a dog. I was going to the rive, thirsty, and a do came along. He was also thirsty. As he looked into the rive, he saw another dog there and became very afraid. He barked and ran away, but his thirst was so great that he returned. Eventually, despite his fear, he jumped into the water and the other dog vanished. At that moment, I knew that a message had come from God: "you have to jump in spite of your fears". 

We learn so much from our parents and teachers. Even if we do not always agree with our parent's      actions, we can be aware that they were in turn influenced by their own parents. Instead of blaming them, we can think of them with understanding and compassion and show gratitude for all the good they have done on our behalf. To care about them, to love and respect them is honor them in the right way.

Next Months'  Newsletter, I will expound on the next Reiki Principle-
"Give Thanks for my Blessings,cand all Living Things"