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"To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.
Let us be above such transparent egotism."-- Will Durant
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How to Meditate
  By Steve Taubman

Try this. Close your eyes and try to quiet your mind. Do that now, for just a moment. Then return to the page.
Did you notice that quieting your mind was no easy task? Usually, when I try this, I become anxious and agitated. That happens because, without the practice of dis-identifying ourselves from thought, we believe that we are our mind, so it has ultimate sway over our attention. If you find yourself saying, "I don't think I'm my mind," guess who said that? Right, your mind!
Now try this. Close your eyes once again, and place all of your attention not on your thoughts but on the sensations you feel in your body. Perhaps you can rest your attention on the temperature of your hands or on the weight of your legs or on the tension in your face. Be careful not to observe emotions, but rather sensations.
If you notice that you're feeling sad, for example, go deeper into the inquiry, and study what sadness feels like. Pay no attention to what thoughts are associated with the sadness or to the undesirability of the emotion. Just observe where sadness resides in your body. What, in fact, is sadness? Is it tightness in your face? Heaviness in your throat? Fluttering in your belly?

Volume 1 -- Issue 7                      NEW BEGINNINGS                              Page 3

Please join us and send REIKI Healing Energy to all that need and want it….
Love and Light, Wilma

Volume 1 -- Issue 7                        NEW BEGINNINGS                                         Page 7



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Volume 1 -- Issue 7                                                        NEW BEGINNINGS                                                                     Page 12