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Volume 2 -- Issue 9        NEW BEGINNINGS   by     Page 3

Volume 2 -- Issue 9      NEW BEGINNINGS   by       Page 5

PERSONALLY SPEAKING   By Sage Michaels     (Continued from page 5)

I have learned that structure has a very vital place in my life and it's unfolding.  I used to resist sameness.  I felt more at home outside the box.  While I conceded to a more structured form due to choices I had made.  I knew, some part of me felt resentment.  At the time, I didn't know, that the choices were essential for growth and experiencing.  That because of the choices made, the results (effects), were exactly what I needed for growing and expanding my sense of self.  Since, I have come to the realization that I am not a victim, I have come to appreciate the higher self within, to guide.  Not to force me, we always have free will and free choice, but, to gently and lovingly guide through this journey, called life.    I have faith that all the answers lay within, all we have to do is be willing to ask for help and answers.  No matter what form they show up in, to trust and have faith.  We have never been alone on this journey of life.  We are creators; sooner or later we will come to know this, not as an intellectual exercise, but as a true knowing.  I am as always like everyone else, a work in progress.

Volume 2 -- Issue 9        NEW BEGINNINGS  by     Page  6

In its long history of use,  Reiki has aided in healing virtually every known illness and injury
including serious problems like multiple sclerosis, heart disease, fibromyalgia and cancer.
Reiki can be used on skin problems, cuts, bruises,
broken bones headache, colds, flu, impotence, poor memory, lack of confidence, addictions, etc.

Volume 2 -- Issue 9        NEW BEGINNINGS by         Page 9

When we still our minds and become receptive to our greater identity - a self that has no boundaries, for it is everywhere at once - we realize that our individuality has no more permanence than a ripple in a pond. In truth our individuality is literally a 'ripple' in the universal field of consciousness that enables us to experience an illusion of time and space. It is time and space that enables us to identify with form and separation. By immersing ourselves so deeply in this world of form and separation - to the extent that we believe it is the only reality - we maximize our potential for self-realization. For to experience fully that which is, we must also experience fully that which is not.

So our journey of evolution is our journey towards unity consciousness. In practical terms this may start when we feel the pain and suffering caused by our identification with separation. We are most aware of this pain and suffering when we experience war on our planet, either as someone who is caught up in it, or as someone who is looking on in despair, perhaps feeling the hurt in their own hearts. We can also be aware of it in our personal and social relationships, in our relationship with the Earth, and in our relationship with the greater whole.
This pain and suffering always stems from our identification with the smaller self or ego, which perceives the world to be a place of separation. Often, though, our experience of pain and suffering is suppressed because we fear going into it and acknowledging the root cause of it. This fear takes many forms - the most prominent being fear of change and fear of rejection. For example, if we were to go to the root cause of the pain and suffering created by a society and a culture that is based on a worldview of separation, we would see that such a worldview would have to change, along with our own lives, our society, and our culture. Too many people do not wish to take responsibility for such a change, and fear being rejected for doing so. Our journey of evolution requires that we go into this fear and, like an illness, see what positive message it has to give us. The essence of the message will always be about opening to our greater identity and experiencing more and more fully our essential unity with all that is.

Clearly we are all at various different stages of this journey, and we have many challenges to overcome before we can fully experience the truth of our identity. Those of us who have touched our greater identity, and are aware of it as the ultimate meaning in life, may sometimes sit in judgement of the rest of the world when we feel that they are not changing, or are changing too slowly. Yet the crucial challenge we are facing is not whether other people are waking up with us, but whether we are actually willing to fully experience and express our essential unity in all aspects of our life. For the full experience and expression of our essential unity will never be achieved if all we do is meditate now and then, write or read articles on spiritual topics, talk about or listen to spiritual information, lead or take part in a spiritual workshop, or give or receive Reiki attunements or birth chart readings.

When we fully experience ourselves as all that is, we will not choose to participate in activities that perpetuate separation, and will see our personal, social, economic, and ecological relationships as opportunities to heal ourselves and to work together as co-creators with Spirit. The awakening of unity consciousness starts with the expansion of our identity and the perception of the interconnectedness of all things, but is only completed when we embody this state of consciousness in all that we do.

(Continued on Page 11)

HELP SOMEONE.   Research shows that we live longer and happier lives if we spend time helping others rather than just thinking about ourselves.

Volume 2 -- Issue 9      NEW BEGINNINGS  by     Page 10

(Continued from Page 10)

Amongst those of us who are spiritually aware there is still a fear of taking this step because there are still aspects of our being that are locked in separation. Deep down somewhere we still fear change and rejection because we have yet to fully spiritualize our ego and embrace our greater identity. Many of us still, for instance, contribute to an economic system that is widening the gulf between rich and poor, and damaging the planetary ecosystem. Many of us still conspire with a political system that perpetuates the fragmentation of society by dividing people into the governors and the governed. Many of us still find it difficult to cooperate with others, often choosing instead to attend to our narrow self-interest, or to affirm our ego by seeking personal recognition, reward, or power. If we search deeply enough, and are honest with ourselves, we will find that there is an ego-based fear at the root of all these choices.

The solution is to make a choice to experience everything we do with full awareness, and to make a choice to express the truth of our essential unity at all times - without condition - so that we literally 'walk our talk'. If we think we do not have the ability to do this then we need only to remind ourselves that as spiritual beings we are one with all that is, and therefore have enormous power, wisdom, and love to draw upon: when all things are already one in essence, the reflection of this essence by form will always be possible. If we think that the time is not yet right then we need only to remind ourselves to live in the now, rather than wait for another thousand lifetimes. If the truth were told, the whole world, and maybe even the whole universe, is waiting for us. Let us start now and celebrate who we are by going into and then releasing our fears, our patterns, and our conditioning, for we deserve to flower and fulfill our destiny. This is the path of self-love.
Leigh Tremaine is a healer, networker, transformational thinker, and astrologer. He is the joint-initiator of World Earth Healing Day and the webmaster of the World Healing Website (

   Volume 2 -- Issue 9    NEW BEGINNINGS  by      Page 11

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