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Volume 4 -- Issue 10                    NEW BEGINNINGS  by                                          Page 10


That is why going within ourselves is key -- when you descend into the truth of who you are, you will come to feel the safety and love deep inside of your heart. You will feel the warmth of the healing light and be moved by it. And the Divine eyes that already exist within will enable you to see yourself through those same eyes -- to see yourself with a new compassion and loving softness. The eyes of the Devine that lay buried within us allow us to see the truth of everything and everyone around us, including and most especially us.

When we are convinced of the Divinity within us, that God is 'All in All' and lives in us, we become bold, brave, courageous beings. We have eyes that see past, present, and future, and we learn the truth about who we are. Each of us has this tremendous spiritual power that is the secret of life. It exists, and it exists inside us. We don't have to beg or plead that something be given to us that already exists within us. The moment we begin to open our conscious mind to accept that belief, things within ourselves and within our lives shift, move, heal.

The secret of life lies within you. To utilize it, recognize that it lives inside you and then identify with it as who you are: My mind is living, my heart is beating, my soul is living in the Devine. The Divine can't do anything for you if you don't allow the energy to move through you.

When we access the power and wisdom that is already inside us waiting to be tapped, then, in partnership with the Divine, we can heal. We can move the mountains in our lives. That's what miracles are -- allowing that Divine power within each of us to do its outrageous WORK THROUGH US. The miracle of realizing we are at ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE.

   Volume 4 -- Issue 10                    NEW BEGINNINGS  by                                           Page 11