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Reiki can
help you heal

In its long history of use,  Reiki has aided in healing virtually every known illness and injury
including serious problems like multiple sclerosis, heart disease, fibromyalgia and cancer.
Reiki can be used on skin problems, cuts, bruises,

Volume 4 -- Issue 4                             NEW BEGINNINGS   by                                               Page 9

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The conclusion is obviousMeditation increases whatever is good and life supporting in a person.

It strengthens our immune system, harmonizes our endocrine system and relaxes our nervous system. It creates health and vitality.

On a mental level it develops inner peace, clarity, self-confidence, self-acceptance, creativity, productivity and eventually greater self-actualization.

It makes our work environment more satisfactory, improves our relationships with coworkers, supervisors and subordinates. It makes us more creative, more responsible and more productive.

On a spiritual level it puts us in contact with our inner voice, with our inner strength, with our inner spiritual wisdom and love.

Think now, what would happen if many people in our society meditated? How would it affect our society?                                     
Think what would happen if you meditated daily.

If we care for our bodies and minds, they will care for us.
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Volume 4 -- Issue 4                             NEW BEGINNINGS  by                                          Page 10

   Volume 4 -- Issue 4                         NEW BEGINNINGS  by                                           Page 11