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Volume 5 -- Issue 4                  NEW BEGINNINGS   by                                        Page 2

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I know many of you have had interesting healing experiences where you or someone else was healed. We are interested in reading about this and so are our readers!
We welcome your stories or articles and comments. We are interested in anything related to alternative healing so please share with us. By sending in your Reiki stories or articles, you give permission for them to be published in this newsletter or in other publications.

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Love and Light, Wilma

Volume 5 -- Issue 4                  NEW BEGINNINGS by                                          Page 10

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Volume 5 -- Issue 4                        NEW BEGINNINGS   by                                          Page 13

You may have an inner sense that you have something to accomplish in this lifetime, some contribution to make to the world, and you are absolutely correct. What you have to offer is unique and highly valuable for the progress of humanity.

Your insights on life, your unique perspective and appreciation of the world is like no-one else's. But do you believe that what you have to share is of any value to the rest of us? If you doubt how worthwhile your contribution could ever be, think again. Your thoughts are magnificent creations and your actions should reflect this unique value.

How easy it is to underestimate ourselves. We seem to find it easier to value what others say or teach and never quite trust ourselves to be the teacher, to be the motivator, to be the healer, the leader, the warrior. It is a matter of self-appreciation: a monumental block for most of us. So how can we move into positive territory here, how can we learn to love and trust ourselves, to believe in our own wisdom and inner guidance?

The same way you give power to someone else. Just as you hand power over to someone else, just as you believe what someone else says, start believing in yourself. Trust yourself. Listen to your intuition and gut responses, and act spontaneously and with joy. You are guided with wisdom just as much as anyone else may be. Your access to creative genius is no less than that of anyone else. Trust yourself.

There really is no right or wrong. There is only experience. When you imagine even the worst case scenario, picture the bleakest outcome, would you be able to survive? Would you be able to cope? Chances are you would excel and even surprise yourself.

You are wonderful. Just love and accept yourself for who you are right now. Love everything about yourself and everything you have created in your life. For you are the creator of your life. You have designed every detail for the joy of the experience. You do not need to be perfect, you just need to love and trust yourself, knowing that as you grow and evolve, you will accomplish your life's work. You will discover more ways to express your creativity, you will find different ways to express who you are through your fulfilling and purposeful life.

So start appreciating yourself more, rather than thinking about what you would like to change. Just for one day, instead of criticizing y our self or wanting to change, just thank yourself for the wonderful person you are, for the accomplishments you have already mastered and for the good you already shared with others.

Trust your inner instinct that what you came here to achieve you will indeed fulfill. Just for one day this week, focus on the joy of being you without any need to pressure yourself to change. Congratulate yourself for how far you have come and how much you have accomplished. Well done.

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Red Rose and Growing Heart Shape Animated Clipart

Volume 5-- Issue 4                       NEW BEGINNINGS  by                                             Page 20


Volume 5 -- Issue 4                          NEW BEGINNINGS  by                                      Page 21