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Volume 5 -- Issue 5                  NEW BEGINNINGS   by                                        Page 2

In this series of articles we will discuss the practical applications of how we create the reality that we are currently living and how we can change that reality to match our true desires. And, before we can learn how to consciously create our realities we must come to a fundamental understanding. We must understand that change is a natural state of being and that we can make changes in our lives without changing who we are.

In order to demonstrate my point I'd like you to participate in an exercise with me. This exercise is very simple and only requires a piece of paper and two pens of different colors. At the top of the paper write these words, "I am". Now in a different color ink I want you to finish that statement by answering the question, "who am I?" Take as much room and as much time as you need.  To give you an example you may simply start with your gender, "I am a man" or "I am a women ".  Just write whatever you would answer if someone asked you who you are.

Now that we have answered the question "who am I?"  let's take a look at what we wrote.  In my experience our answers will come in seven possible different forms.

  1. I am my behavior (loving, kind, funny, responsible).
  2. I am my role I play in life (mother, father, brother, daughter, friend).
  3. I am my profession (teacher, doctor, fireman, business person).
  4. I am my body (handsome, ugly, attractive, fat, a redhead).
  5. I am my race, nationality or ethnic group (American, Hispanic, white).
  6. I am my possessions (homeowner, car owner, landowner). (
  7. I am my title (Bryce, General, Conscious Creator, Me, Energy).
  8. I am my emotions (happy, sad, excited, depressed).

Let's look at our answers. Do they fall into these seven categories? I'm sure they do. Do you notice anything in common with all of these categories? They all have the word "my" in them - my behavior, my profession, my title, my body. And what does the word "my" denote? It denotes a possession - something that belongs to us. Can the possessor be that which it possesses? I don't believe so. I don't believe that we are our behavior, body, emotion, role, profession, race, gender or title any more than we are our car. They belong to us, they are not us. So let's cross out all those things on our lists that belong to us. Now take a look at our list again. What is left? Did you say nothing? Look closer, is there anything still written on the paper? I am. That is all that is left and that is the true answer to the question of who we really are.

Why is this important and what does it have to do with creating our realities to fit our desire. It means we can change anything in our lives without changing the essence of who we are. We can change our behavior, our emotions, our profession, our body, anything in our lives that is holding us back from creating the reality we desire. It is no different than getting a new car. If our car no longer gets us to where we want to go, we get a new one that will. That can just as easily be the same for any of our other possessions. And as we have seen, everything we previously believed ourselves to be is simply a possession. Any of it can change just as easily, and with no more consequence than getting a new car.

In the upcoming articles in this series we will be looking at specifically how we create our reality and what specific and practical changes we can make to create the reality we truly desire.

Until next time, make each day a great day, you deserve it.  Bryce

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Volume 5 -- Issue 5                 NEW BEGINNINGS by                                          Page 10

Thoughts have great power, they are like seeds you plant in your mind. 
The more you hold on to a particular thought, the more power you invest in it. 
Positive thoughts give us energy and strength. Negative thoughts rob us of power and
make us feel tired and strained. 
We are by nature positive.
Negativity is the result of faulty thinking. 
You can change if you want to. 
You can't control other people, situation or
circumstances, but you can control
what is going on inside of you. 
It takes time to change and transform those old patterns of thinking. 
Be patient with yourself. 
It starts with a thought...Today!

Volume 5 -- Issue 5                      NEW BEGINNINGS   by                                          Page 13

In each stage of life, there are wonderful experiences one can savor and valuable insights one can absorb. Every new decade and, in fact, every new year brings with it wisdom, transformation, and growth, as well as ends and beginnings. Many people, however, believe that there is one age that eclipses the others. They expend energy trying to reach it and, once it has passed, trying to retain it. But wishing to be younger or older is a denial of the joys that have been and the joys yet to be, as well as the beauty of your life in the present. Holding on to one age can make it difficult to appreciate each new milestone you reach. Taking pleasure in the delights of your age, whether you are in your 20s, 40s, 60s, or 80s, can help you see the magnificence and usefulness of the complex seasons of your life.

Each new year gifted to us by the universe is replete with exciting and unfamiliar experiences. In our 20s, we can embrace the energy of youth and the learning process, knowing it's okay to not have all the answers. As we move through our third decade, we grow more self-assured as the confusion of our young adulthood melts away. We can honor these years by putting aside our fears of aging and concentrating instead on solidifying our values and enjoying our growing emotional maturity. In our 40s, we become conscious of the wisdom we have attained through life experience and are blessed with the ability to put it to good use. We are not afraid to explore unfamiliar territory or to change. In our 50s, we tend to have successfully navigated our midlife reevaluations and have prioritized our lives. In the decades beyond, we discover a greater sense of freedom than we have ever known and can truly enjoy the memory of all we've seen and done.

Try to enjoy the age you are at now,
for each age presents its own unique wisdom to savor.

Volume 5 -- Issue 5                          NEW BEGINNINGS   by                                     Page 14

"Let us realize that engagement and detachment
isn't opposite-the more engaged we become,
the more detached we will have to be. 
Otherwise, we will lose ourselves in conflict,
obsessiveness, anxiety over the future,
and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. 
Keep in mind that we are pioneers into the unknown and uncertainty is our ally. 
When our minds want closure,
certainty and finality,
let us remind ourselves that these are fictions. 
Our joyous moments will come from riding the wave, not asking to get off at the next station." 

"The spiritual meaning of love
is measured by what it can do. 
Love is meant to heal.
Love is meant to renew. 
Love is meant to bring us closer to God"

"Meditation is not a way of
making your mind quiet. 

It's a way of entering into the quiet
that's already there-buried under
the 50,000 thoughts the
average person thinks every day."

Volume 4 -- Issue 5                          NEW BEGINNINGS   by                                     Page  15

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Volume 5-- Issue 5                       NEW BEGINNINGS  by                                             Page 20

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